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Auction in March 2023!

Posted 2/14/2023

The CALS Auction #35 will be held in late March, 2023.

January 2023 Penny Post Now Online

Posted 2/14/2023

The latest issue of The Penny Post is now posted on this website and is available for downloading by members. 

October 2022 Penny Post Now Online

Posted 10/25/2022

The latest issue of The Penny Post is now posted on this website and is available for downloading by members. 

HR Harmer Sale Oct 26-27, 2022

Posted 10/25/2022

The H.R. Harmer Sale of Oct 26-27, 2022, includes The John D. Bowman COllection of Boyd's City Express Post and also selections from Steven M. Roth's Postal History Collection including Blood's City Despatch Post. 

July Issue of The Penny Post Online & July Auction

Posted 7/28/2022

Exciting news for CALS members! The latest issue of The Penny Post is now online. Members can log in to their account to view the July 2022 issue immediatly on the PDF Downloads page of the website. Physical copies should arrive to members soon.


This quarter's issue of The Penny Post is a special themed issue focusing on Western locals and expresses. It includes articles about Langton's Express and the Humboldt local stamp; the Penny Express Company; and J.C. Truman's Express.


This issue also includes an ad for American Stamps, whose upcoming auction will include many lots of locals and expresses that should be of interest to members. This auction is currently live online, and will end at the end of the month, so be sure to take a look!

Auction 34 is Live

Posted 4/6/2022

The Carriers and Locals Society is pleased to announce that its 34th Auction has been posted and is live for bidding.

It will end at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, April 30, 2022.  To browse the auction, CLICK HERE.

Auction 34 is offering 201 lots of items:

  •   20 lots of carrier covers and stamps.
  •   12 lots of express covers, stamps and labels.
  •   12 lots of carrier covers and labels.
  •   24 lots of fakes and forgeries.
  •     8 lots of independent mail companies.
  •   24 lots of literature.
  • 109 lots of local post coves and stamps.
  •     4 lots of miscellaneous items.
  •        Forty of the lots are accompanied by Philatelic Foundation certificates.  

Highlights include:

  • Adams express stamp (PF).
  • Sheet of 20L15 with “1 CENTS” variety (20L15a).
  • Carnes pair (PF).
  • 1847 City Despatch Post 40L8 (PF).
  • Davis’s Penny Post 57L1 (PF).
  • PIP’s stamp 116L4 (PF).
  • Honour’s stamp 4LB11 (PF).
  • Brown & McGill’s 5LB2 (PF).
  • Pomeroy’s orange variety stamp 117L5VAR (PF).
  • Bamber & Co’s Express printed frank on cover.
  • Humboldt Express stamp 86L1 (PF).
  • 13 separate lots that total almost 1000 fakes and forgeries.
Eleven lots are donations. You can identify them by finding (Donation) at the end of the description.

The Carriers and Locals Society auctions are a great way to support the society and individual members while aslo adding new, quality material to your own collection.

Society Welcomes New Penny Post Editor

Posted 2/22/2022

The Carriers and Locals Society is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Casey Jo White the new Editor of the Penny Post. This is the Society’s award-winning philatelic journal dedicated to postal history of carriers, local posts, independent mail companies and eastern expresses. Casey has said her goals are to continue to publish a high-quality journal with in-depth research articles that reach out to new collectors and novice researchers.

Casey graduated from Franklin College with a Journalism minor and English major. Casey has served as the Society’s webmaster and is responsible for the Online Reference Collection on She has authored articles for the Penny Post and blogs for the United States Philatelic Classics Society website. She also has given presentations for the American Philatelic Society and in 2021 won the APS Carter Award for Outstanding Young Adult Philatelist.

Casey follows in the footsteps of Larry Lyons, who had been the editor for eighty-eight issues over 22 years. Larry’s contributions as editor and author of over 175 articles made the Penny Post a consistent large gold award winner in philatelic journal competitions. Society members have been fortunate to enjoy and benefit from Larry’s stewardship and many excellent articles.

Online Resource Updates & Website Awards

Posted 11/4/2021

The July issue of The Penny Post is now available for members to read online. Log into your member account and visit the downloads page to access a searchable .pdf of the issue, which includes articles on Boyd's and G.A. Mills' forgeries and the ongoing Blood's census.

Also online is the ever-growing reference collection, with recent additions including Clark & Co., Barnard's Cariboo Express, and many more. If there is a particular carrier, local, or express you are interested in, contact Ms. White to have it moved up the list of additions to come.

These online and easily accessible resources are a key reason that the Carriers and Locals Society website won a Gold award in the literature competition at the Great American Stamp Show in Chicago, 2021. hopes to be the premier destination for collectors looking to learn about carriers, locals, independent mails, and private express companies.

If you wish to contribute to the website by submitting your exhibit, article, video, or other resource for online publication, please contact Ms. White.

Auction 33 is Live

Posted 3/11/2021


The Carriers and Locals Society’s 33rd auction is now on the website.

It will end at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, March 28.  To browse the auction, CLICK HERE.

Auction 33 has 213 lots with many interesting and unusual items.   It is strong in stamps and covers of local posts (81 lots), carriers (47), and independent mail companies (26).   It also includes 37 lots of fakes and forgeries, and 22 lots of research literature.

Some of the more interesting and scarce items are:
•  Genuine Adams City Express Scott #2L5 with Philatelic Foundation certificate #506441.
•  Excellent collection of Boyd’s City Post genuine and reprint cut squares, including a block of four with two se-tenant pairs.
•  Friend’s Boarding School #151L1 on cover.
•  Scarce Sparks Post office stampless cover on 1848 manufactured envelope.
•  An unusual group of eight used Eagle Carrier stamps (LO2).
•  Three scarce American Letter Mail trial color die proofs on India paper.
•  Hale & Co. 75L2 with Portsmouth NH precancels “P” and “NH.”  Siegel Auction Galleries records only six.
•  Wyman’s FLS with full rectangular HS, small “PAID” HS and pencil “2” indicating delivery in New York.
•  Great beginning study group of over 325 Taylor fakes sorted by forms.  (See January 2003 Penny Post article on forms by Bowman, Stimmel and Lyons.)
•  Large collection of over 600 Taylor fakes in different colors and types.
•  Six unique lots of printer blocks believed to have been used in the late 19th Century for philatelic journals and/or catalogs.
•  A unique set of 28 reference volumes on carriers, local posts, independent mail companies and expresses compiled by George Sloan.
•  A complete run of the Penny Post journal from No. 1 to No. 111, the current issue.

The Carriers and Locals Society auctions are a great way to support the society and individual members while also adding new, quality material to your own collection.

CALS Members Present Talks on Local Posts

Posted 9/22/2020

With most of 2020’s stamp shows cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many stamp societies are reaching out to their members and attracting new collectors with special online presentations and seminars. In September, local posts are getting attention with two talks by Carriers and Locals Society members.

The Amazing Local Posts of Philadelphia, 1843-1861
On Wednesday, September 23rd, Carriers and Locals Society President, Dr. Vernon Morris will by giving a talk about Philadelphia locals for the Collectors Club’s Live Video Program. Morris is an expert on Philadelphia postal history – his exhibit “Fighting the Fed in Philadelphia: Locals, Carriers, and Independent Mails, 1835 to 1867” won the 2006 Champion of Champions. He has also written multiple award winning articles on the subject, and maintains the Chronological Database of Blood’s Stamp Usage on Cover.

An Introduction to US Independent Posts
On Wednesday, September 30th, Casey Jo White will present a Stamp Chat for the American Philatelic Society. This presentation, also called “Local Posts 101” will cover the history of US local posts, independent mails, and supplementary mail services from the 1800s to present. It is intended to be a brief overview and explanation of local posts for collectors unfamiliar to the topic.

AUCTION #32 Now Online!

Posted 5/31/2020

Aucton #32 iw now online and will close on June 21, 2020, at 11PM EDT. 

The auction includes 191 lots with minimum bids totalling more than $11,000. Bidding is open to everyone.

 Auction 32 includes stamps and covers of local posts, carriers, independent mail companies and eastern expresses.  It also has fakes, sanitary fair and literature items. 

Among the interesting and scarce are: one of seven recorded covers of the “Branch Post Office” of New York; three American Letter Mail Company 5L1 stamps on a piece; a new EKU of Hale’s “POTTSVILLE” PA oval handstamp, one of only five recorded; a Wells Fargo used 143L3 red “dollar stamp” with a Philatelic Foundation certificate; and a complete run of the Penny Post journal to the current issue.

If you want to bid, click on the Log In button below the lot. You will be directed to a page where you can log in as a member, or if not a member of the Carriers and Locals Society, you can create a bidding account. Terms are noted on the website. SCV refers to Scott Catalog Value, and LPG refers to Lyons' Pricing Guide for his Identifier series of fakes and forgeries.

A Call for Carriers and Locals Exhibits

Posted 11/21/2019

The Carriers and Locals Society is seeking philatelic exhibits on carriers, locals, independent mails, and expresses to be hosted on the Penny Post website.  If you have built an exhibit of your material you would like to share with the world, please contact

To submit exhibits, files can be sent either as images scans of pages or digital files (.pdf, .doc, .pub, etc.).  All exhibits will be displayed with proper credit.  Both competitive and non-competitive exhibits can be accepted.  This is a great opportunity for CALS members to share their collections and research.

October Issue of Penny Post

Posted 10/31/2019

The October 2019 issue of the Penny Post is now online for members to download and read.  This issue contains the continuation of David R. Wilcox's deep dive into the history of the American Letter Mail Company; Responses to previously published claims about forger Placido Ramón de Torres; and the continueation of Bruce Mosher's article on expresses that operated on the Long Island Rail Road system.

New Additions to the Website

Posted 7/12/2019

The Penny Post website is regularly updated to bring more information to collectors of carriers and locals.  In case you missed it, here are some of the latest additions to the site:

The Farrell Reference Collection has continued to update with additional sections throughout the year.  There are currently 124 different sections online showing examples of different carriers, locals, express companies, Cinderellas, bogus posts, and their forgeries.

The Chronological Database of Blood’s Stamp Usage on Cover has been updated.  This census of Blood's covers is a near complete list, and can be viewed under the "Collecting Info" link.

More issues of the Penny Post have been uploaded.  Members can log in to view the current issues, and non-members have access to issues published before 2015.  The table of contents page has also been updated for easy browsing.

There are two issues of the Penny Post currently unavalible: whole numbers 96 and 97.  Please excuse this omission as we work to get new copies online.

Auctionn Closing Datee

Posted 6/18/2019

The current auction will close June 30 at Midnight East Coast time. A lot of good lots with no bids!

May Auction Now On Line

Posted 5/13/2019

The current auction is now on line. The closing date is June 30 at Midnight EST.

 The auction is open to members as well as non-members. All lots have an image. This applies to lots with multiple images as well. Click on the image to make it larger. Questions oncerning condition or contents of cover items should be sent to me.

Proposed changes in the auction terms and procedures are being discussed and will be announced on the web site and the Penny Post before the next auction.


AUCTION 29 Will Open October 1

Posted 8/14/2018

Aution 29 will open October 1. If you have material for this auction I must have it on or before September 24.

This sale will include literature lots as well as stamps and covers. We have also added a count-down timer to the site so you will be able to see exactly when the auction will close.

Thank you for the support of the Carrier & Locals Society. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at


Farrell Collection of Local Stamps, Fakes and Forgeries

Posted 6/9/2018

 The Carriers and Locals Society offers selections of the Farrell Collection of Local Stamps, Fakes and Forgeries for download. These selections are intended to be a helpful reference for collectors, providing a brief introduction to the posts and examples of the stamps and their forgeries. Additional selections will be uploaded periodically. [CLICK HERE]  


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