Consignment Terms

We will gladly accept for auction any Carrier or Local item valued at $5.00 or more. A 10% buyer’s premium will be deducted from the sale price. The buyer also pays a 10% fee on the sale price.

All items listed in our auctions will also be posted on our website. If you wish your item to be pictured on the website you must scan the image and send the file of the image to our auction manager at Please scan the image at 150dpi. For single stamps please scan the item at 100% of size. For vertical multiples, divide 100% by the number of stamps in the height of the multiple. All postal history items should be scanned at 50% of original size.

Every consignor must complete two copies of our contract [DOWNLOAD PDF]. After executing the two contracts please forward both copies to our auction manager at the address listed on the contract. You will receive back in the mail one copy signed by the auction manager.

Please submit a list of the items with your consignment to the auction manager in electronic format and a hard copy with your stamp consignment. Please give as much detail as possible including condition and provenance, if known. You MUST include the minimum bid that is acceptable to you. The value that you provide is the starting bid in the auction. There are no reserves. No lot will be accepted whose minimum bid is less than $10. Please remember that the Society’s 10% seller’s commission will be deducted from this price. Of course, we will do our best to realize a higher price than this minimum. Return the item description form(s) with your two copies of the contract. If you have any questions that are not answered here or on the contract, please contact our auction manager.

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