Old Auction Catalogs with Carriers, Locals and Expresses

Auction catalogs are important resources for collectors. Although the earlier catalogs did not include photographs, and group lots were more common, it is often possible to trace the pedigree of a certain scarce or rare stamp or cover, and to prepare a listing of known varieties.

Catalogs of Robert A. Siegel have included many lots of locals and carriers, and their website permits a user to search for any term that is included in lot descriptions for several years of sales.

Other auction catalogs focusing on carriers and locals are available through our literature dealer members: Leonard Hartmann, Eric Jackson, James E. Lee, and Byron Sandfield (Park Cities Stamps).

The following PDF is a comprehensive listing of almost all auction catalogs that included carriers, locals and expresses. Over 360 auctions are listed chronologically, beginning with the world’s first stamp auction in 1870. Brief descriptions are provided, including number of lots of carriers and locals in each, and highlights of some sales. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Auction Catalogs by Year

1884 Auction Catalog

Geo. A. Leavitt & Co. auctioned the property of Hon. L. E. Chittenden in New York City on Jan. 21, 1884. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

1886 Auction Catalog

An early sale included 33 lots of locals from an unnamed holding. It was held by Ortgies & Co. on June 25, 1886. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

1900 Auction Catalog

Frank W. Hunter was a major collector of U.S. locals and carriers, and his material was auctioned on January 10-12 and 16-18, 1900, by Henry C. Merry. This was one of the first auction catalogs to use photographs of lots. There were 249 lots of carriers, locals and expresses in this sale. Click to view the F. W. Hunter Carriers and Locals. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

1910 Auction Catalog

John F. Seybold collected U.S. carriers and locals, and his collection was auctioned on March 15-16, 1910, with Walter S. Scott as auctioneer. There were 40 lots of carriers and locals in this early sale, mostly carriers. Click to view the Seybold Carriers and Locals. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

1913 Auction Catalog

Walter S. Scott was the auctioneer for the Bartels’ 49th Sale of Jan. 8, 1913, held in NYC. The owner was not named, but the sale included 213 lots of locals and carriers. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

1917 Auction Catalog

George H. Worthington has been acknowledged as a great stamp collector. After financial difficulties, his collection was acquired via a private sale to Alfred Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein kept what he wanted and offered the rest through J. C. Morganthau & Co. at philatelic auction. The sale held on August 21-23, 1917, included 528 lots of U.S. carriers and locals. A photocopy of those sections of the catalog has been scanned and placed in PDF format. To review the extensive carriers and locals holdings of Worthington, click to view the Worthington Carriers and Locals. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

1921 Auction Catalog

The German Sale was held on Nov. 3-5, 1921 by Marken & Ganzsachenhaus Co. in Berlin and J. M. Bartels Co. NYC. Although the consignor is unknown, this sale included many important items and many photographs of carriers and locals. It is a rare auction catalog today. Download the auction listings [DOWNLOAD PDF] and the photo plates [DOWNLOAD PDF].

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