How to Submit Materials for Auction

The Carriers and Locals Society is currently accepting items for consignment in the next Society auction. The Society’s auctions are a service for members and other collectors. We will accept any of the following items valued at $20.00 or more and with a minimum bid of $10 or more:

Members and non-members may bid and also consign items. A 10% seller’s premium will be deducted from the sale price. The buyer also pays a 10% fee on the sale price.

Prepare the material for the auction by making up individual lots with the catalog number, name of catalog used, value and an accurate description of condition. Use glassine envelopes, stock cards or stock sheets. If you cannot identify the stamp or determine its value, then please provide an estimated value. Assign an owner’s lot number. Submit a list of the lots with all this information. If you have a reserve or a minimum acceptable bid, please list it also.

The auction listings will be posted on this website with images of all lots. Exceptions are literature and documents too large to scan. If you wish your item to be pictured on this website, you must scan the image and send the file of the image to our auction manager at Please scan the image at 150 DPI. For single stamps, please scan the item at 100% of size. For vertical multiples, divide 100% by the number of stamps in the height of the multiple. All documents and covers should be scanned at 50% of original size. If you do not have a scanner, the auction manager will do the scanning.

The starting bid is the minimum value you would like the item to be sold for. Please remember that the Society’s 10% seller’s commission will be deducted from this price. Of course, we will do our best to realize a higher price than this minimum. Return the item description form(s) with your two copies of the contract.

Every consignor must complete two copies of our contract. After executing the two contracts, please forward both copies to our auction manager at the address listed on the contract. You will receive back (in the mail) one copy signed by the auction manager.

Mail your lots to Clifford J. Alexander prior to the submittal dates provided for each auction, the earlier the better. Please send your lots to the PO Box (listed below) by insured or registered mail as you see necessary. You will receive a confirmation from the auction manager upon receipt and a detailed consignor’s statement after the auction has been assembled and lot numbers assigned.

What sells? Almost anything if it is priced correctly! There are some exceptions. Please check the prices realized to get a feel of what sells and what does not.

Send consignment lots to:

Clifford J. Alexander

Clifford J. Alexander
K&L Gates LLP
1601 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

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