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The Farrell Reference Collection

The Carriers and Locals Society offers selections of the Farrell Collection of US Local Post, Carriers, Independent Mails and Express Stamps, Including Fakes and Forgeries for viewing and download. These are selections of a privately held stamp collection and are not intended as a completed catalogue of stamps and forgeries that exists.

[Last updated: January 16, 2019 - Walton & Co's City Express Post]

About the Collection

The Farrell Collection’s goal is to share a collection of stamps and philatelic material for collectors to use as reference. Each section includes a brief description of the post and some examples of the stamps and their forgeries. It is intended to provide an introduction and some inspiration to beginning collectors; and a convenient resource for experienced collectors or dealers seeking reference images of specific stamps or forgeries.

Unless otherwise noted, stamps are identified by their Scott Catalogue numbers and forgeries are identified by their Lyons Identifier type. In addition, some examples include additional information such as plate position or Taylor form.

The information and identification within these selections is the individual work of the Farrell Collection and may not reflect the opinions of the Carriers and Locals Society as a whole. It is always recommended to consult multiple sources for additional information or opinions.

Local post company descriptions are based on information available at the time of writing. The Farrell Collection welcomes feedback, corrections, or other information that can improve the collection. Comments and inquires can be addressed to [].

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Taylor Forms

Taylor form identifications within this collection are listed using a combination of the Springer Forms and the Boussery Forms, the latter of which were created specifically for the Farrell Collection. The following four reference albums represent almost three years of work reconstructing these forms. Additional information on Taylor and these forms can be found here. This is a segment of the forgeries presentation from the 2018 APS StampShow.

Book 0 (Springer)Book 1 (AA)Book 2 (AB)Book 3 (BB-CC-S)

A list of all Taylor creations in these forms, organized by subject, is available here: Download .pdf

Additional Notes

The Farrell Collection is an ongoing project. Additional selections will be made available on the Penny Post website periodically. Selections are uploaded based on completion or interest.

Scott numbers in parenthesis under listed forgeries represent approximately what stamp the forgery is attempting to imitate.

Colors listed for stamps and forgeries are the opinions of the Farrell Collection based on viewing physical copies of the pieces under consistent lighting. Colors in the .pdfs may be slightly inaccurate due to manipulations from the scanning process, computer monitor settings, or (in event that the files are printed for offline viewing) the printing process.

Descriptions in the Farrell Collection were written based on personal research and sources including, but not limited to: Articles in The Penny Post; the Scott Catalogue; Patton’s The Private Local Post of the United States; Mosher’s Catalog of Private Express Labels and Stamps; Springer's Handbook of North American Cinderella Stamps; Lyons’ Identifier for Carriers, Locals, Fakes Forgeries and Bogus Posts of the United States; The Eastern Independent Mail Company Study Group's Eastern Independent Mail Companies and Express Mail Companies 1840-1845; Elliot Perry's Pat Paragraphs; James N. Drummond's Catalog of Philatelic Miscellany and College and School Stamps; and the notes of George Sloane and Gordon Stimmell.


Bishop's City Post (Cleveland) - Download .pdf (10-11-2018)

U.S. Mail (New York City) - Download .pdf (10-11-2018)

Private Package Delivery

American District Messenger Co. - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Auto Package Delivery - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Auto Parcel Delivery Co. - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Central Package Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Chain Deliveries (Motor Post) - Download .pdf (09-06-2018)

Concolidated Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Co-Operative Messenger Co. - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Elite Package Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Lily / Russell Peck Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Los Angeles Special Delivery Co. - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Merchants Special Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

National Delivery Co. - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Pasadena Electric Express - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Pioneer City & Suburban Delivery Co. - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Rapid Package Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Rice Auto Delivery - Download .pdf (01-02-2019)

Sunset Delivery - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

United Companies, Inc. - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

United Parcel Service - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)


Acker's Special Delivery - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Adams & Co.'s Express - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

(Adams) City Express - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Albany Letter Express - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

American Express Co. - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

American Letter Mail - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Army Frank - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Arthur's City Express/City Post - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)


Baldwin's Railroad - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bancroft's City Express - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Barker's City Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Barr's Penny Dispatch - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bell's Dispatch - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bentley's Dispatch - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Berford & Co.'s Express - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bicycle Mail Route - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Blizzard Mail - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Blockade Postage (CSA) - Download .pdf (12-04-2018)

Bouton's City Dispatch Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bouton's Manhattan Express - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bowery Post Office - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Boyce's City Express Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bradway's Despatch - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Brady & Co. - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Brady & Co's Chicago Penny Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Brainard & Co. - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Brigg's Despatch - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Broadway Post Office - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Bronson & Forbes' City Express Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Browne & Co.'s City Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Browne's Easton Despatch - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Buck's Richmond Express (CSA) - Download .pdf (11-28-2018)


Carnes' City Letter Express - Download .pdf (06-08-2018)

G. Carter's Despatch - Download .pdf (06-21-2018)

Central Post Office - Download .pdf (06-21-2018)

Cheever & Towle - Download .pdf (07-05-2018)

Chestnut St. Line - Download .pdf (09-04-2018)

Chesuncook Lake - Download .pdf (06-21-2018)

Chicago Penny Post - Download .pdf (06-25-2018)

Cincinnati City Delivery - Download .pdf (07-23-2018)

City Despatch Post - Download .pdf (07-03-2018)

City Dispatch (NY) - Download .pdf (07-03-2018)

City Dispatch (PA) - Download .pdf (07-03-2018)

City Letter Express Mail - Download .pdf (07-20-2018)

City Post - Download .pdf (07-05-2018)

Clark & Co. - Download .pdf (07-06-2018)

Clinton's Penny Post - Download .pdf (07-12-2018)

Clipperton Island - Download .pdf (07-20-2018)

Club Special Delivery - Download .pdf (08-28-2018)

Commercial Dispatch & Addressing Co. - Download .pdf (07-05-2018)

Concord Bicycle Co. - Download .pdf (07-05-2018)

Cole's City Post - Download .pdf (07-18-2018)

Cook's Dispatch - Download .pdf (07-19-2018)

Cornwell's Madison Square P.O. - Download .pdf (07-18-2018)

Cranes Express - Download .pdf (07-25-2018)

Cressman & Co.'s Penny Post - Download .pdf (07-25-2018)

H.T. Crofoot Letter Office - Download .pdf (07-18-2018)

Crosby's City Post - Download .pdf (07-26-2018)

Cumming's City Post - Download .pdf (07-31-2018)


Day's City Express - Download .pdf (06-27-2018)

Donaldson's Despatch - Download .pdf (06-28-2018)

Douglas City Despatch - Download .pdf (06-28-2018)


Essex Letter Express - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)

Express Post - Download .pdf (06-28-2018)


Faunce's Penny Post - Download .pdf (07-12-2018)

Jabez Fearey & Co. - Download .pdf (07-16-2018)

Florida Express - Download .pdf (12-14-2018)

Frazer & Co. City Despatch - Download .pdf (08-27-2018)

Friend's Boarding School - Download .pdf (07-11-2018)


George H. Gray & Co. - Download .pdf (07-11-2018)

Glen Haven Daily Mail - Download .pdf (07-18-2018)

Greenslade's - Download .pdf (07-12-2018)


Hackney & Bolte Penny Post - Download .pdf (09-05-2018)

Hale & Co. - Download .pdf (09-05-2018)

Hall's Post - Download .pdf (09-05-2018)

T.A. Hampton City Despatch - Download .pdf (09-05-2018)

Hill's Post - Download .pdf (09-05-2018)

Hopedale Penny Post - Download .pdf (09-05-2018)


Jefferson Market Post Office - Download .pdf (08-01-2018)


Ker's City Post - Download .pdf (09-13-2018)

Kidder's City Express Post - Download .pdf (01-14-2019)


McGreely's Express - Download .pdf (07-10-2018)

Movie Stamps - Download .pdf (07-12-2018)


New Haven and N.Y. Exp. Post - Download .pdf (06-28-2018)

New Orleans US City Post - Download .pdf (07-12-2018)


Streeter & Riker - Download .pdf (07-16-2018)

Streeter & Riker - Download .pdf (01-15-2019)


Take It 2 Thyself - Download .pdf (07-16-2018)


US Circular Delivery Co. - Download .pdf (07-16-2018)


Walton & Co's City Express Post - Download .pdf (01-16-2019)

Wells, Fargo & Co. - Download .pdf (07-11-2018)

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