Auction 33 is Live

Posted 3/11/2021


The Carriers and Locals Society’s 33rd auction is now on the website.

It will end at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, March 28.  To browse the auction, CLICK HERE.

Auction 33 has 213 lots with many interesting and unusual items.   It is strong in stamps and covers of local posts (81 lots), carriers (47), and independent mail companies (26).   It also includes 37 lots of fakes and forgeries, and 22 lots of research literature.

Some of the more interesting and scarce items are:
•  Genuine Adams City Express Scott #2L5 with Philatelic Foundation certificate #506441.
•  Excellent collection of Boyd’s City Post genuine and reprint cut squares, including a block of four with two se-tenant pairs.
•  Friend’s Boarding School #151L1 on cover.
•  Scarce Sparks Post office stampless cover on 1848 manufactured envelope.
•  An unusual group of eight used Eagle Carrier stamps (LO2).
•  Three scarce American Letter Mail trial color die proofs on India paper.
•  Hale & Co. 75L2 with Portsmouth NH precancels “P” and “NH.”  Siegel Auction Galleries records only six.
•  Wyman’s FLS with full rectangular HS, small “PAID” HS and pencil “2” indicating delivery in New York.
•  Great beginning study group of over 325 Taylor fakes sorted by forms.  (See January 2003 Penny Post article on forms by Bowman, Stimmel and Lyons.)
•  Large collection of over 600 Taylor fakes in different colors and types.
•  Six unique lots of printer blocks believed to have been used in the late 19th Century for philatelic journals and/or catalogs.
•  A unique set of 28 reference volumes on carriers, local posts, independent mail companies and expresses compiled by George Sloan.
•  A complete run of the Penny Post journal from No. 1 to No. 111, the current issue.

The Carriers and Locals Society auctions are a great way to support the society and individual members while also adding new, quality material to your own collection.

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