Online Resource Updates & Website Awards

Posted 11/4/2021

The July issue of The Penny Post is now available for members to read online. Log into your member account and visit the downloads page to access a searchable .pdf of the issue, which includes articles on Boyd's and G.A. Mills' forgeries and the ongoing Blood's census.

Also online is the ever-growing reference collection, with recent additions including Clark & Co., Barnard's Cariboo Express, and many more. If there is a particular carrier, local, or express you are interested in, contact Ms. White to have it moved up the list of additions to come.

These online and easily accessible resources are a key reason that the Carriers and Locals Society website won a Gold award in the literature competition at the Great American Stamp Show in Chicago, 2021. hopes to be the premier destination for collectors looking to learn about carriers, locals, independent mails, and private express companies.

If you wish to contribute to the website by submitting your exhibit, article, video, or other resource for online publication, please contact Ms. White.

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